Lighting Design

The development of LED has introduced a completely new direction in the lighting design industry. LED lighting has completely different characteristics than traditional light sources. These differences not only eliminate some of the obstacles that lighting designers were challenged with, but they also present some new challenges. Our lighting designs and solutions are based on our solid LED packaging foundation. We are capable of adjusting every LED element to ensure the final solutions meet the original design goal. We turn these new challenges into endless creative opportunities.

Unity Opto focuses completely on LED lighting design and has extensive experience in international OEM manufacturing. Our customers are spread throughout Europe and Japan and encompass home, outdoor and commercial LED lighting applications. Unity Opto has the capabilities for of independent development in all aspects of optical, electrical and heat applications. We can provide our customers with total solutions for modules, packaging and finished products. We partner with our clients for complete product development from concept to production.

BLU Design

The main focus of backlight modules is designing to fit a specific need in the final product. From handheld products to a new generation of HD LCD televisions, we can provide a complete backlighting solution. We have extensive experience in BLU design including optical design, heat treatment, control circuits and packaging. BLU is a key component behind the glamorous products and Unity Opto is the perfect partner for your LCD product design.